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Kayak Fishing

Spent a Week Kayaking around Oak Hill Fish Camp

And boy are my arms tired, hahaha

Caught a lot of nice fish. Had a few Redfish pulling me all over the clinker spoil islands to the south of Oak Hill Fish Camp. Also caught a few trout in a spot north of the entrance to shotgun, seems to be some hard structure like coral there.

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

After Kayak fishing all day I stretch the hammock out under the boathouse over the water. With the hammock set to relax and the 1st and second beer checked off the list I was out like a light for what I call a " Super Oak Hill Fish Camp Power Nap ". or " Redfish On My Mind ".

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The White Pelicans

The White Pelicans migrate each winter from west of the Mississippi and usually make Florida their home until May. The native Brown Pelicans are slightly smaller than the visitors from the west. With the clearing water and the shrimping run getting started they make this paradise home for the winter and spring months.  

There are many more White Pelicans and i will post more pictures here in the future.  


This is not Key West, but we do have rainbows here!!

Look for the Redfish Gold at the end of the Slippery Creek Rainbow!

If you have any pictures of your stay, please send them to me with your comments about your vacation here at Oak Hill Fish Camp. We will use them to update the website and post a few in the cabins.

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