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Kayak Fishing

Spent A Week Kayaking around Oak Hill Fish Camp

  • Hunt For Redfish In October 2

And boy are my arms tired, hahaha

Caught alot of nice fish.  Had a few Redfish pulling me all over the clinker spoil islands to the south of Oak Hill Fish Camp.  Also caught a few trout in a spot north of the entrance to shotgun, seems to be some hard structure like coral there.  

Its 5 O Clock Somewhere

  • Hunt For Redfish In October
  • Relaxin in the Boat House

After Kayak fishing all day I stretch the hammock out under the boathouse over the water.  With the hammock set to relax and the 1st and second beer checked off the list I was out like a light for what i call a " Super Oak Hill Fish Camp Power Nap ".  or " Redfish On My Mind ".  

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