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Seminole Rest

Canaveral National Seashore

  • from seminole rest in the morning

View from Seminole Rest towards Oak Hill Fish Camp in the early morning.

  • seminole-rest-trail

Seminole Rest Trail.

  • seminole-rest-information

Seminole Rest informational sign.

  • seminole-rest-instone-house-small

The Instone House on Snyders Mound at Seminole Rest.

  • seminole-rest-timucuan-life

The Timucuan and Ais Indians inhabited this part of Florida from A.D. 600-1420.  With carbon dating on the Fiddle Crab Mound back as early as A.D. 120-1040.  No evidence of any burials have been found on the mounds and none are expected as it was not their custom to bury thier dead at these types of locations.  

  • seminole-rest-preserving-mound

In the 1500's along with the Europeans came more people to share the land and disease which these native indians had no resistence against.  The Timucuan and Ais abandoned these shell midden sites and no longer existed as seperate tribes.

  • Seminole Rest and  redfish flats

View of Seminole Rest from the Redfish Cabin at Oak Hill Fish Camp.  Plenty of Redfish and Trout in the flat between the fish camp and Snyder's Mound, it's no wonder that this has been a popular place to live throughout history.

Seminole Rest in the 1890's.  After the Civil War this property was settled in the early 1870's.  The harvest of Live Oak trees used in the ship building industry lent the name of Oak Hill to this area where the town of Oak Hill now exists.

Seminole Rest or Snyder's Mound in 1911.  Around 1880 the site was divided into several lots.  The Snyders and Tumors refused to sell the valuable shell which was used for road base in much of Florida.  One of those lots was the location of the post office.

An ariel Picture of Seminole Rest. The structures that now exist on the site are The Instone House, The Caretakers House and a non historic garage and boat dock.

  • seminole-rest-dock-hibiscus-small

This is a view of the dock and Intercoastal Waterway from the front porch of the Instone House at Seminole Rest.

  • seminole-rest-beach

The Timucuans used this beach at Seminole rest to gather and process food for survival.

  • seminole-rest-redfish-cabin

Nice view of the Redfish cabin at Oak Hill Fish Camp. This photo was taken from the front porch at the Instone House that sits on the top of Snyder's Mound at Seminole Rest.  It is a very nice kayak trip from the fish camp for the whole family.  Bring a lunch and make a day of it.  The walking path takes you around the park from shore line through the oak hammock.

Oak Hill Fish Camp's Redfish cabin.

  • seminole-rest-panorama

Panoramic view of the Instone House and the Caretakers Cottage at Seminole Rest.

  • seminole-rest-parking-lot

Don't miss the parking lot on River Rd. just a few hundred feet from Oak Hill Fish Camp.

  • seminole-rest-walking-path

One of the walking paths at Seminole Rest.  Walk or kayak to the park and take a nice stroll on the sidewalk.  Please stay on the path to keep from damaging the mound.

  • seminole-rest-oysters

Oyster replenishment program at Seminole rest will also help with erosion from storms that could damage the mound.

More on Historic Seminole Rest to come soon,


Much of this information was found in the General Management Plan with pdf below.